Monthly Archives: June 2012

Austin, TX has the highest concentration of non profit organizations than any other city in the United States. All types of causes ranging from environmental concerns (local and global) to human rights, have a voice in the Austin Non Profit Organization scene. Along with national non profit organizations, this blog aims to explore tactics used by some of Austin’s most successful non profits, or more specifically their Facebook pages.

The most popular, or most “liked,” Facebook profiles in Austin, such as Austin Pet’s Alive and A Glimmer of Hope, have an advantage over those who do not participate in Social Networking. It will be the interest of this blog to investigate that advantage further. Oneof these advantages include two-way communication between the organization and its donors which establishes a relationship between the two. Also it allows for constant updates on what is happening within the organization.

Another interest of this blog will be to educate others on how to effectively and efficiently utilize Social Networking sites, such as Facebook, to the organization and its donors best interest. How can an organization not only establish a positive relationship with it’s “friends” on Facebook but inform them about important information about up coming events and fund-raising opportunities.


In today’s world, social media is one of the most utilized mediums of communication. From social networking websites to message boards and personal video posts, people from all walks of life are finding their internet voices. Individuals with raw talents are being discovered for their Youtube videos, restaurant chains are changing their practices because of customer complaints on their blogs, and nonprofit organizations are getting their massage out all through the same medium. Their is no doubt the invention of social media is a total game changer for the way people communicate with one another in the twenty-first century.

What I intend to investigate further through this course at St. Edward’s University, Social Media for Public Relations, is a very specific aspect of this growing phenomenon. That is, How Nonprofit Organizations can effectively use Facebook, the various tools available to then as well as how these organizations measure their success on a free social networking site.

I also plan on speaking with many of the nonprofits in Austin; such as Austin Pets Alive!, A Glimmer of Hope, and Ballet Austin, personally to discuss how they have chosen to use Facebook to further their missions and encourage traffic to their various websites and fan pages.