Austin Non Profits on Facebook

Austin, TX has the highest concentration of non profit organizations than any other city in the United States. All types of causes ranging from environmental concerns (local and global) to human rights, have a voice in the Austin Non Profit Organization scene. Along with national non profit organizations, this blog aims to explore tactics used by some of Austin’s most successful non profits, or more specifically their Facebook pages.

The most popular, or most “liked,” Facebook profiles in Austin, such as Austin Pet’s Alive and A Glimmer of Hope, have an advantage over those who do not participate in Social Networking. It will be the interest of this blog to investigate that advantage further. Oneof these advantages include two-way communication between the organization and its donors which establishes a relationship between the two. Also it allows for constant updates on what is happening within the organization.

Another interest of this blog will be to educate others on how to effectively and efficiently utilize Social Networking sites, such as Facebook, to the organization and its donors best interest. How can an organization not only establish a positive relationship with it’s “friends” on Facebook but inform them about important information about up coming events and fund-raising opportunities.


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